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Stopping the Jump-to-Solution Approach

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 • 6:00pm–8:30pm

How frequently do you receive a call from a manager that sounds like this: Our customer satisfaction ratings are declining. I’d like discuss what training you can provide that will enhance our customer service skills.” The manager has a problem and is jumping to a learning solution. But is training the right solution? Or will training alone address the declining customer results?

Our goal is to avoid investing learning resources in delivery of a program that will yield little, to no, results. But how to influence the manager away from thinking that simply training is the answer? In this session Dana will introduce you to a model of how we, as learning professionals, can respond to this type of request. She will also provide some techniques for putting this model into action.


Takeda Pharmaceuticals, 35 Landsdowne, Cambridge, MA


Presented by:

Dana Robinson,


Performance Consulting: Make Performance Your Business!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 • 9:00am–5:00pm

“We need to train our leaders!” is the type of request frequently heard from managers and clients we support. This request is coming with a pre-determined solution, or tactic. By responding to this request we may be using time and resources on a training solution that doesn’t really solve the problem or help the organization. Yet, if we indicate to the requesting manager that this training solution may be unnecessary, we can be viewed as non-supportive.

What is required is that we influence the thinking of the manager/client through the questions we ask. The goal is to ask powerful questions that get the manager/client to say - “I’m not certain of the answer – but that is a great question!” We are uncovering an opportunity to work in a far more strategic, and business-linked, manner as we move to assist the manager or client in determining what actions may be needed. When partnering in this way, we are making the enhancement of human performance (not just learning solutions)for our business.

In this session, you will learn techniques for asking powerful questions that reframe a tactical training request into a strategic partnering opportunity. You will leave with a starter kit of questions you can use the next time a manager or a client calls you with a solution-in-mind.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate among transactional, tactical and strategic work, using criteria to determine whether a situation requires a strategic or tactical implementation.
  • Utilize a performance consulting mental model to define and align four organizational needs: business, performance, individual and organizational capability.
  • Analyze a client’s request by using SHOULD-IS-CAUSE logic, determining information that is known and unknown about a specific situation.
  • Ask powerful questions to reframe tactical requests for HR and Learning solutions into discussions of the client’s required business and performance results, determining the information required to move ahead strategically.


Edward House, 1 Badger Rd, Framingham, MA 01702


Objectives, Agenda, Expectations

  • What Does It Mean to Work Strategically?
    • Three Kinds of Work: Transactional, Tactical, and Strategic
    • Key Roles when Working Strategically
  • The Performance Consulting Mental Model
    • Four Types of Needs
    • Gaps Map to Organize Information from Case Study
    • The Performance Consulting Process
  • Reframing Solution Requests
    • Guidelines for Asking Powerful Questions
    • Purposes and Steps for a Reframing Discussion
    • Criteria to Qualify as a Strategic Opportunity
    • Preparing Questions to Ask in Case Study Discussion
    • Positive Model: Video Demonstration of Reframing Discussion in Case Study
    • Debrief and Close

Presented by:

Dana Robinson,


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