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What's it like to be on the ATD Greater Boston Board?

Our board is made up of volunteers from the ATD Greater Boston community, each serving a 2-year term in their position. You can view the current elected board members in our 'About' menu.

Are you looking for a way to enhance your leadership skills, leverage your knowledge and experience, and give back to your local community? Apply today to join the ATD Greater Boston Board of Directors! 

We currently have two board positions that need to be filled for 2021:

  • VP of Marketing and Communications
  • VP of Partnerships

Please see below to learn more from our current board members about each role and email volunteer@tdboston.org to apply or find out more.

A Perspective from Kyle Keldsen
VP of Marketing & Communications

Q: What has your experience been like with the Board?

The experience has been terrific. ATD is such a high-value organization and the members are passionate about their workplace and personal development. Being on the board gives you a sense that you’re investing in the development of those who are working so hard to develop others. Super rewarding!

Q: What’s the time commitment like?

 The VP role itself consists of managing the Chapter’s monthly email campaigns, social media presence, and other strategic initiatives. In addition to the day-to-day, Board members are asked to be present at monthly Learning Events and Board Meetings.  The time commitment for the VP of Marketing & Communications role can vary based on the support from other volunteers.  I’ve been able to work with a volunteer that manages all of our social media, so that’s helped distribute the workload.   We also have a VP of Volunteers that can recruit other volunteers to help as needed.  So, the time commitment isn’t crazy, but it does require a strong commitment. 

Q: What have you personally gained from working with the Board?

I’ve benefited personally and professionally. On a personal level, I’ve made some great connections, gained a greater understanding of the broader talent development world, and made a meaningful impact on the lives of others in our Greater Boston community. On the work side of things, marketing & communications is a big part my role with C12 Group and Duarte. It’s been fun leveraging my own interests and skills to give back, especially some of the valuable insights that others have impressed upon me along my journey.

A Perspective from Renee Herendeen

VP of Partnerships

Q: What has your experience been like with the Board?

I’ve been volunteering with ATD Greater Boston for 5 years now. I started as a volunteer and became the VP, Marketing and Communications three years ago and then transitioned to VP, Partnerships this year. It’s been a fantastic experience. It’s such a great community.  I’ve met so many great people and I’ve been able to attend many great events. 

Q: What’s the time commitment like?

Each month we have one learning event as well as a board meeting.  Board members are asked to be present at both.  With COVID-19, all meetings are now virtual.  For the Partnership role, it really depends on what time you have available. It’s a volunteer role, so you have to create a schedule that works with your life and other responsibilities. We also have added Director roles that can assist VPs in various duties.  This has definitely been a tremendous help with distributing the workload. 

Q: What have you personally gained from working with the Board?

Connections for life.  Everyone that I’ve worked with on the board has become part of my network. I can’t even describe how many fantastic people I’ve met over the past 5 years. Personally, I work in marketing full time, but have a strong passion for talent development and professional growth. This position has allowed me to explore my passion and then some!


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